Song of Sadness

Mini Session: Back to town
Also a reward

Searched the wizard, turns out that its Geenan, the Necromancer Thaele was after in the first place. Have him bound and gagged.
Tetha is confirmed to not be enchanted or anything, shes just gullible and grieving and really wanted her pets to be alive again.
That still doesnt explain why the creepalopes were being hostile to begin with.

The group takes Tetha back to her manor and has a bit of a chat with her father the Baron or whatever he is, then they take Geenan to the prison and make sure he is sufficiently chained and gagged, and Thaele shows the warden/guard guy the documents he has saying that Geenan is an actual criminal and is to be brought to the Undying Hand, dead or alive. Guard looks it over, is a bit surprised to have an actual criminal, and agrees that Thaele can take him when he leaves town.

Next day at breakfast Thaele makes some comments to Badwaf along the lines of “you know we did something great, people often get paid for things like rescuing daughters” so the group went back to the Barons house and Badwaf said something, we got 100g extra but the Baron lost some respect for us.

Funerals and Recruitments and Zombies, oh my
Also stalking a teenage dwarf girl?

The group got back to town.
Thaele was approached by a young girl who was fascinated by the Ioun stone orbiting his head, and managed to convince her that wizards are awesome and he gave her a parchment equivalent to a business card for the Arcane Hand general admissions office.

The group splits up.
Over the course of the next two days or so, the group…..

Badwaf goes to perform a funeral for the priest that he totally didnt murder as far as anybody else knows.

Thaele took the fireslug skins to a leatherworker, who says he cant work them into anything usable but can treat them so that they will be ready to be used by a leatherworker who has the right equipment at some point.

Erenev, helped by Thaeles Unseen Servant, gets the bulkier loot set up in the inn.
Erenev, Thaele, and Cairner go see the Erwin brothers to discuss the map the group made for him, and Ereven finagles some extra books out of the deal. Thaele tried unsuccessfully to get some more spells, almost convinced one brother but the other just wasnt interested enough to be willing to part with precious magic ink.

Back at the tavern/inn, the group talks about what to do next. Thaele invites them all to join him in his hunt for a rogue wizard, doing his best to avoid just saying “hes an evil necromancer” outright, and Thaele makes it clear that he himself goes through proper procedure for his necromancy, he is licensed and everything! Rattles off about paperwork and such.

The group agrees to help, each for a different reason. Thaele tells Badwaf about the Radiant Hand, and Badwaf seems very interested in continuing his pilgrimage and seeing them on the way, and is definitely not planning any kind of mass murder of a powerful organization because that would be insane.

Erevan is not a fan of necromancers, and especially unlicensed ones, so he will help out to make the world safer.

Cairner is lured by the call of treasure, I think?

Erevan also tells the group that somethings up with Tetha, that she sneaks out into the woods every night around midnight. Thaele assumes that some sort of wizard is messing with her and the creepalopes.

Around 10pm they go and hide out in the woods. Thaele uses his newly summoned familiar, Owlissan, to scout from the air. After a couple hours of boredom, Tetha leaves, party follows.
Badwaf does some Trickery magic and makes the group super stealthy so Tetha never notices them.

They follow her for about 30 minutes, notice some zombies, hear her talking to someone saying that she hates the zombies. Thaele sees her starting to get on an altar that has a creepalope corpse next to it, through owl-o-vision, so orders Owlissan to cause a distraction. She does this by landing on on the corpse and pecking at it. The wizard tosses a magic at the owl but misses!

The group starts to make a plan on what to do but instead Cairner charges in and smashes the wizard with a hammer.
Once he charges in, its apparent that there are quite a few more things than originally noticed. Many zombles, and a zombie dog.
Thaele casts Sleep as a second level spell, which rolled very well combined with the wizard being down a bit of health, managed to put out both Tetha and the Wizard, but there were still fuck tons of zombies.
Zombies, zombies, everywhere.
Seriously they just kept coming.
Thaele tied up the wizard and the bitchy dwarf, then almost died.
Owlissan DID die but took a hit that meant Thaele didnt die.
Erevan was basically a badass and did all kinds of damage.
Badwaf used his Channel Divinity to Turn Undead which meant we could kill the ones that werent turned and grab the new prisoners and get away with them.

Asdav became a mute
Also a giant spider

Asdav suddenly became a mute (Jacob quit the game)

The group explored the cave a bit, found some potential paths. Ended up taking one route that led to more magma slugs and a GIANT FUCKING SPIDER.
Thaele did tons of damage to it, while Cairner managed to avoid getting hit by it like an expert.
There were spider eggs that the spider had to go up and do something to them to make them hatch.

The spider died, Thaele gathered up the eggs and Erenev found a magic flame sword.
Thaele left the spider eggs and a couple more magma slug skins with Asdav near the entrance of the cave.


The group went back to the dead end area they had found before that was blocked by lava. Thaele threw a cryotube! The lava hardened into rock, and they continued on.

Cairner noticed an illusory rock, Thaele prodded it with mage hand and discovered what seems to be a door. Went through and they found…a desk! Some paper, a journal, and a scroll!
Journal belonged to the Dwarven mage that lived here, scroll was a powerful fire spell. Thaele also managed to discover a hidden button in the room that when pressed, created a magical bridge over to a chest that was on a pedestal in a room full of lava.

They walk up to the chest, inspect it for traps and whatnot, open it up and find…an Ioun stone of +1 int! As well as a magical leather armor of fire resistance!

The group gathers up their stuff and leaves the caves, back to town!

Into the Spark Cave
Also we met a new guy

JOSH JOINED, a Dwarven wizard named Cairner.Transmutation!

So at the brothers home still, they tell us that they have the materials to make us some Cryotubes, which are similar to alchemist fire but with ice and area damage. They are 20g each, so only Thaele buys one.
Cryotube: 10ft square that slows enemies and initial damage and d4 lingering, particularly effective against what we will find in caves 20g each

After that, Thaele did some minor shopping, then the group went back to the Tavern to check out the map and discuss the plan. While looking over the map, a dwarf noticed Baddwaf and the compared warhammers. Thaele then noticed the arcane crystal focus and commented on that. In the end it was decided that Cairner the dwarven transmutationist would join the group for the spark caves.

About a days travel so we spent one night camped to get there early on the day.

Onward we go.

We stop to have lunch.

Onward some more.

HUGE VALLEY. Other side is a couple miles, Thaele realizes that this is prob the valley that the spark caves are in.

The valley is a sheer drop where we are. Can look around for a better place. Could probably find a shallow slope but could take a while

Valley is pretty wide. An hour to walk from one side to the other

Cairner speaks up, and it turns out he has feather fall and suggests they just walk off the cliff. Thaele asks to see his book and make sure the spell is legitimate, so he spends some time doing that, and then the group walks off the cliff. Thaele and Cairner looking very dignified during the slow descent, while Baddwaf tried to climb down, fell, and went tumbling down anyway, though slowly

Onward to a stream! But then its not a stream its a series of rapids.

10-20 feet wide

Asdav ties a rope to one tree, trudges across to tie a rope to the other side,he does slip and tumble a bit but he has the rope tied around him so hes fine but soaked. He does get to the other side and tie the rope up.The group shimmies across easily enough with the rope there.Thaele cast Unseen Servant during the time Asdav was crossing so that he could order the servant to untie the first end of the rope so the group could recollect it. He then used prestidigitation to dry the rope! (But not Asdav for some reason?)

Another 30min-hour we find a cavern! It has a red light emanating from within

We get in, no torches or anything because we all have darkvision, and we see an electrical spark pole in the wall.

Thaele Mage Hands a metal flask over,it is shocked and blackened.Does the same with a cloth sack. Cloth sack not shocked. Recollects both.

Cairner picks up rocks to transmute into wood, in the shape of a door.

It works! 30 minutes, but it worked. We got across safely.

See a monster. Thaele:ARCANA CHECK its a fire slug and they like to belch fire, but are pretty passive if you keep your distance.

We go a bit in, see a skeleton and some more fire slugs.

go another direction and IGNORED THE LOOT

We see a “giant room of danger fucks”, specifically, lava pits and electric poles everywhere.
Back to the first room with the skelliebones. We kill the slugs, Baddwaf got hurt a bit.

Thaele knows that fire slug skins are fire proof, so tucked them away to take to a leather worker for later.

On the skeleton: dented blackened helm, broken bronze spear, iron shield, pouch with 50 silver pieces. Also find a piece of parchment that is mostly burned away, but you do see a bit of underlined single word that says “EGGS”

Baddwaff takes the shield and spends some time skinning the Fire Slug to cover the shield.

Thaele tried to freeze one of the power poles but no luck.
Cairner tried eldritch blast and was eventually able to break it, it zapped all over the place for a couple minutes, then fizzles out evetally

Does it again and it zaps into some lava…. a moment later we hear an ominous sound, and then what appears to be a fire elemental pops up! End session.

Also a murder

The group is in jail, with no gear other than basic clothing. Minor interrogation, what were you doing why kill creepalopes that sort of thing.

Badwaf managed to convince the guard to give him his Holy Symbol necklace.

Thaele shed his trogdor skin, spent quite some time befriending the dog, killed a rat to use its fur as a knock-off Fleece for Minor Illusion spell, and along with Badwaf made a convincing minor earthquake between them. (Thaele covered the sounds with M.I.)

In jail another night. Barons Daughter, Tetha comes in to taunt us. Ghost sound and thamaturgy to taunt her! Guard took her away, hear door slam.

Thaele plays with the dog to befriend it. badwaf rips a chain off the wall, and makes a shiv out of a ceramic cup and hides it in a dead rat

Next day, TRIAL
Many logics ensued. The party each gave an account of what happened, which mostly could be summarized as “look at is we dont look like poachers, dont act like poachers, and we have no poaching gear in our equipment”

Found innocent. Tetha is pissed!

Thaele and Erevan go with the guard who likes Thaele to the local inn to get a decent meal and Thaele performs a magic show, and earns a bit of silver.

Thaele asked about cartographers or scholars from the Innkeeper. Erwin brothers! “town bookworms” they have a library with shelves upon shelves of books. Given directions!

Thaele and the others discuss plans for the future and what they were doing in these lands in the first place. Thaele invites them to go with him to the Dwarven wizards lair that contains the spell he is after. They agree!
While Thaele is chatting up the innkeeper about the book guys, Erevan is talking to some shady lady about the underground in town. Turns out theres a network thats ‘extensive enough’, and a job out to kill the captain of the Guard.

Badwaf staying with the town priest, asks about
Thaeles caves. Priest replies, “Spark Caves” in a valley almost due east of the town.

Badwaf got the town priest drunk and them smothered him in his sleep. _ then just cleaned up and went to bed like nothing happened. Somewhere a kevinly voice was muttering “player knowledge vs character knowledge” over and over.

Erevan is chatting up some random shady elf lady, trying to get information on the town, plots, secrets, things like that. Osho. She gets excited when talking politics. Wants to hire someone to eliminate “girth” the guard captain that had arrested us.

Next day, Thaele and the others go to Erwin brothers. A wonky looking hut on top of a hill with a surprisingly steep incline with wood stairs leading up

Thaele knocks, theres a crash and some cursing. Someone opens the door, go in and discuss books and such. They have a map to the caves, but no one has ever gone in and survived so no info about the inside.

The brothers agreed to cover the ink for a spell or two for Thaele to copy, as well as the book on Beginners Guide to Cartography in exchange for the knowledge and a map of the inside of the Spark Cave.

Creepalopes and Earthquakes
Also jail

First real session!

‘Trogdor’ and Asdav are walking South along a road, while Badwaf Mudehamme and Erevan are walking North. When they meet up, they hear sounds coming from the woods to the East. Sounds like a witch cackling.

Lacroata! Trogdor calls them Creepalopes. A mother one is charging forward, babies rushing along with her.

The party killed them easily enough, but towards the end of the fight a group of soldiers/guards/whatever showed up yelling “wait! stop!”

It turns out the Creepalopes are endangered. They are special to this area, and its illegal to kill them.
They attempted to arrest the group. Trogdor went willingly, as he is not a criminal. Erevan backed away and said hed come along but would not yield his weapons. Badwaf and Asdav both ran for the woods.

Asdav ran a bit and eventually circled round, did a power slide and gave himself up. Badwaf ran much more, attacked the guards a bit. Used Command to make one guard panic. Badwaf found more creepalopes in a cave, attacked them, then ran out and climbed a tree, thus forcing a guard to fight them.
Badwaf mostly ran around yelling EARTHQUAKE and such, while using Thaumaturgy to create small tremors.

During this time Thaele was doing a small magic show for the guards that were with him, which delighted the guards greatly.

Eventually everyone surrendered and they were taken to jail. FOREVER. GOODNIGHT.

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