Song of Sadness

Creepalopes and Earthquakes

Also jail

First real session!

‘Trogdor’ and Asdav are walking South along a road, while Badwaf Mudehamme and Erevan are walking North. When they meet up, they hear sounds coming from the woods to the East. Sounds like a witch cackling.

Lacroata! Trogdor calls them Creepalopes. A mother one is charging forward, babies rushing along with her.

The party killed them easily enough, but towards the end of the fight a group of soldiers/guards/whatever showed up yelling “wait! stop!”

It turns out the Creepalopes are endangered. They are special to this area, and its illegal to kill them.
They attempted to arrest the group. Trogdor went willingly, as he is not a criminal. Erevan backed away and said hed come along but would not yield his weapons. Badwaf and Asdav both ran for the woods.

Asdav ran a bit and eventually circled round, did a power slide and gave himself up. Badwaf ran much more, attacked the guards a bit. Used Command to make one guard panic. Badwaf found more creepalopes in a cave, attacked them, then ran out and climbed a tree, thus forcing a guard to fight them.
Badwaf mostly ran around yelling EARTHQUAKE and such, while using Thaumaturgy to create small tremors.

During this time Thaele was doing a small magic show for the guards that were with him, which delighted the guards greatly.

Eventually everyone surrendered and they were taken to jail. FOREVER. GOODNIGHT.


searsm8 Brail

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