Song of Sadness


Also a murder

The group is in jail, with no gear other than basic clothing. Minor interrogation, what were you doing why kill creepalopes that sort of thing.

Badwaf managed to convince the guard to give him his Holy Symbol necklace.

Thaele shed his trogdor skin, spent quite some time befriending the dog, killed a rat to use its fur as a knock-off Fleece for Minor Illusion spell, and along with Badwaf made a convincing minor earthquake between them. (Thaele covered the sounds with M.I.)

In jail another night. Barons Daughter, Tetha comes in to taunt us. Ghost sound and thamaturgy to taunt her! Guard took her away, hear door slam.

Thaele plays with the dog to befriend it. badwaf rips a chain off the wall, and makes a shiv out of a ceramic cup and hides it in a dead rat

Next day, TRIAL
Many logics ensued. The party each gave an account of what happened, which mostly could be summarized as “look at is we dont look like poachers, dont act like poachers, and we have no poaching gear in our equipment”

Found innocent. Tetha is pissed!

Thaele and Erevan go with the guard who likes Thaele to the local inn to get a decent meal and Thaele performs a magic show, and earns a bit of silver.

Thaele asked about cartographers or scholars from the Innkeeper. Erwin brothers! “town bookworms” they have a library with shelves upon shelves of books. Given directions!

Thaele and the others discuss plans for the future and what they were doing in these lands in the first place. Thaele invites them to go with him to the Dwarven wizards lair that contains the spell he is after. They agree!
While Thaele is chatting up the innkeeper about the book guys, Erevan is talking to some shady lady about the underground in town. Turns out theres a network thats ‘extensive enough’, and a job out to kill the captain of the Guard.

Badwaf staying with the town priest, asks about
Thaeles caves. Priest replies, “Spark Caves” in a valley almost due east of the town.

Badwaf got the town priest drunk and them smothered him in his sleep. _ then just cleaned up and went to bed like nothing happened. Somewhere a kevinly voice was muttering “player knowledge vs character knowledge” over and over.

Erevan is chatting up some random shady elf lady, trying to get information on the town, plots, secrets, things like that. Osho. She gets excited when talking politics. Wants to hire someone to eliminate “girth” the guard captain that had arrested us.

Next day, Thaele and the others go to Erwin brothers. A wonky looking hut on top of a hill with a surprisingly steep incline with wood stairs leading up

Thaele knocks, theres a crash and some cursing. Someone opens the door, go in and discuss books and such. They have a map to the caves, but no one has ever gone in and survived so no info about the inside.

The brothers agreed to cover the ink for a spell or two for Thaele to copy, as well as the book on Beginners Guide to Cartography in exchange for the knowledge and a map of the inside of the Spark Cave.


searsm8 Brail

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