Melissa Drange

A young girl thrilled to begin studying magic


Melissa, dazzled by Thaele Duskwalker’s previous appearance in the town of Bluevine, is excited to begin studying magic when Thaele opens up a school nearby.


Melissa comes from a poor family, whose sole income is from her father working in the mines. While Melissa is very enthusiastic to start learning magic, it quickly becomes apparent that her family won’t be able to pay a single cp of tuition.

If she is to stay at the school, she will need a full scholarship.

Melissa is determined to improve the condition of herself, her family, and any possible descendants. She would do anything to provide them with a better life than what they’ve been given thus far. She has scrounged for food and whatever change she could find on the streets for some time, and sees Thaele as both a role model, and a potential avenue for improving her lot in life.


Melissa Drange

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