Renan Haedden

A death knight cursed for an eternity of purgatory


Renan was a great king, who ruled the entirety of Lamecha Province in life. He was a faithful servant of Pelor.

All 3 of his sons were struck with a lethal plague that could not be cured. Renan made a pact with a pit fiend in order to save his sons, but traded the freedom of many of his people, giving them as slaves to the pit fiend. As a result, the gods turned away from Renan in disgust.

Soon thereafter, his lands were raided and pillaged by a vast orc army, and Renan and all his family put to the sword. Upon dying, he was transformed into a Death Knight to better serve his new master.

Eventually, after many years of reluctant servitude, Renan, in his grief, managed to imprison himself in an unknown location and unknown manner to prevent himself from serving his gruesome and undeniably evil master.


Renan Haedden

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