Salazar Durien

Traveling Archivist of the Great Library of Sarlona


Traveling Archivist of The Great Library of Sarlona, who are centralized in Dul Kabana, near the capital of Riedra. Salazar is a member of the Seekers, a branch of the Library dedicated to tracking down artifacts and tomes in distant places, or responding to threats deemed to be rooted in items and lore.

Salazar takes great joy in tracking down and finding long-lost relics, tomes, and information. He generally prefers to set out on his own, finding help from locals and controlling situations to allow him to retrieve what he’s after. He also enjoys blending into local culture and learning about local customs and history, while using his skills as a bard to share his knowledge and history with others.

Salazar is currently on a mission to investigate and possibly eliminate a recent upswing in monsters in Adar and southern Riedra. Underestimating the extent of the trouble, he traveled toward Ymtarai alone and was taken hostage along the way. While he was able to buy himself some time alive, he was still figuring a way to get out of the caves alive. At that point, his kidnappers were removed by other members of the party.

Learning of the severity of the issue, Salazar felt better continuing his investigation as part of this group, rather than attempting to navigate the area alone. Subsequent dinosaur and lizard attacks verified the wisdom of this approach.

During the year hiatus, Salazar traveled to xen’drik in search of the Demonomicon, detailed in Salazar’s year hiatus.


Salazar Durien

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