Tetha Kedur

Daughter of Baron Kedur


Tetha is excited to begin learning necromancy. While she is not malicious, her motivations are questionable, as she has previously wanted to bring back a dead pet.


Not long after beginning, Tetha proves to be a troublesome student. Always whining and complaining about assignments, not wanting to put in the hard work required by wizardry. It might not be worth putting up with her, except that her father, Baron Kedur, eagerly puts forth extra tuition to keep her enrolled and away from his manor.

Tetha is a slightly above average student, despite her impatience. She understands concepts surprisingly fast.

Tetha has been seen creeping off in the middle of the night into the woods, returning just before morning appearing dazed.

The group followed Tetha and found her meeting with the necromancer Geenan in hopes that he could revive her dead Leucrotta “fluffy”.

With a good roll as a level 2 spell, Thaele successfully puts both Tetha and Geenan to sleep. After fighting off quite a few undead, and using turn undead to get rid of the rest, the group makes off with the two tied up.

Bringing Tetha back to her father, Baron Kedur is not pleased to say the least. Geenan is put in the town prison, with hands tightly bound and mouth gagged.


Tetha Kedur

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