Arcane Hand Coalition

The Arcane Hand Coalition is a group of Wizarding schools, towers, universities, and the like that have banded together for mutual benefits.

They follow the 8 traditional schools of magic.

Abjuration: Protective Hand
Transmutation: Shifting Hand
Conjuration: Summoning Hand
Divination: Radiant Hand
Enchantment: Controlling Hand

Promancy: Burning Hand
Cryomancy: Frozen Hand
Meteomancy: Storming Hand
Dynamancy: Forceful Hand

Illusion: Shimmering Hand
Necromancy: Undying Hand

The Undying Hand is the smallest of the group, with only a handful of Wizards acting as professors in the field of Necromancy. Even when legality is taken care of, people dont look kindly on necromancers, generally speaking. Thaele learned the basics of magic and of necromancy from his teacher at one such location.

The Arcane Hand Coalition

Tasks and Goals of the Coalition
The Coalition is made of a group of Colleges, each of which is itself made of several schools, that have banded together for mutual benefit. By working together as a group, they can influence political, economic,military, and religious power. By calling in the right favors, passing gold into the right hands, and other such tactics, the Coalition is able to impact laws, trade pacts,and similar things to benefit the Coalition and its members.

Each College of the Coalition generally has the same two goals: Power and Knowledge. Each College tends toward a specific goal or sub-goal (military power vs political power,etc) though the individual schools of a College may differ from the overall goal of the College. While Knowledge may not be a ‘primary’ goal of each College, it is always a high priority for any wizard.

The Grand Council
The central governing of the coalition come from the (not very humble) Grand Council. Each member of the council is one of the best spellcasters in their field, and they tend to concerned once a month, more often if circumstances require it.

Abjuration: Protective Hand: Primarily concerned with acting as a “middle man” to forge connections between other parties. They are tasked with protecting secrets, wealth, and magic of the Coalition, as well as functioning as a multi-national bank. They use their position as bankers to introduce wealthy merchants and nobles to key members of the Coalition,or to allies of the Coalition. “Yes, I can help you,but first I’d like you to meet my friend who could use a favor…” The Protective Hand accounts for ~8% off the coalition. The largest concentration of the Protective Hand is in trade hubs and wealthy cities. Keeping good relations with a variety of clients, they often provide protective services for trade shipments, market places and even wealthy patrons. They are always looking to increase trade profits and develop new, fruitful relationships. When the coalition needs gold, they turn to these guys, or the shifting hand, with whom they compete.

Transmutation: Shifting Hand: Primarily concerned with wealth and the power that it brings. They have strict rules on mass transmutations of base metals into gold and other such things, and make use of portal magic to seed such gold throughout various lands and kingdoms to avoid economic issues that may arise from pouring large amounts of gold into a single place.They work to fund the Coalition,and establish new identities when needed by giving people new faces and such. “Everything can be bought for the right price, we just have to establish what that price is.” ~10% of the coalition.
The Protective Hand looks down upon the shifting hand, claiming that transmutation is “dishonest” or “unnatural”. At some level, they might just be jealous. However, in general the two groups work together well and over time, have brought great wealth and quality of life to their civilization.

Conjuration: Summoning Hand: Primarily concerned with military power through numbers.They gain favor for the coalition through military connections. “Your army is made of men, who fall or flee. Our armies are limitless!” 12% of the coalition. Conjuration acts as supplement to the more prevalent evocation mage armies. While not nearly as big as the evocation colleges, the summoning hand is a force to be reckoned with.

Divination: Radiant Hand: Primarily concerned with gaining new knowledge, secondary concern of religious influence.They serve the Coalition by gathering any potentially helpful knowledge, whether Arcane or mundane, into libraries that are accessible only to members,tracking down ancient spells or lost items,etc. “The difference in knowing and not knowing can change the course of history” 14% of coalition.
Spread out across the land, the Radiant Hand has more establishments than any other section. Though many are small, and most all are devoted to Pelor, they act as religious and spiritual advisors to kings and peasants alike.

Enchantment: Controlling Hand: Primarily concerned with political power.They serve the Coalition by altering existing laws or working to pass new ones that favor the Coalition. “You are very wise to pass this law, my lord, very wise indeed….” 8% of coalition.
The controlling hand can be found in pretty much every highly populated city, with only a few traveling acolyte informers elsewhere. They manage to keep a very good reputation with the public, and often leverage this to there goals.

Evocation:Primarily concerned with military power through tactics, evocation is the most extensive and sub-divided amongst the Colleges.They gain favor from military groups and often act as magical enforcers. “Storm, Earth, and Fire, heed my call!”
Pyromancy: Burning Hand 16%
Cryomancy: Frozen Hand 6%
Meteomancy: Storming Hand 8%
Dynamancy: Forceful Hand 10%
When someone refers to a “battle mage” or thinks of magical warfare, chances are they are talking about these guys. Many evocation schools are run like a military academy, with strict policies and no-bullshit regulations. A well defined system of ranks and chain of command acts like a well oiled machine. The pursuit of knowledge takes a back seat to military dominance. Those that show promise are recruited (often by force) and put in one of many training programs. Evaluation is constant, and standards are high. Academies and barracks are prevalent throughout most allied territory.

Illusion: Shimmering Hand: Primarily concerned with helping other Colleges and staying in the background, out of focus. They deal in espionage and secrets. They are often hired by other Colleges to gain information to be used as leverage before trying to pass a law, make a trade, etc. “I go unseen.” 6% of coalition. The shimmering hand tends to piggy back off other college’s infrastructure. Wherever there is a tower or university, there is probably a shimmering hand wing or at least a representative present. Despite their small numbers and lack of a centralized command structure, the Shimmering Hand manages to be one of the most pervasive and ubiquitous sections of the coalition.

Necromancy: Undying Hand: Primary goal: Personal power and freedom to use it. They are put to public work dealing with things such as hauntings and spiritual possessions, to try and put on a better face to the world. While low ranking members deal with that, the higher ranks deal with more unseemly things that the Coalition or its allies need taken care of.Potential for deals with Nobles to share life-extending magics in return for passing certain laws/etc. “Right and Wrong are luxuries I can not afford. I do what is necessary.”
A mere 2% of coalition. Necromancy is outlawed in many nations, and is looked down upon where it is not. Their legal status is shaky at best, and they often find themselves disputing religious acolytes, even others in the coalition. Few are inclined to study necromancy, and it’s secrets are well kept. Thaele is weird. In any given nation, there is usually only a single establishment of the undying hand, and it’s location is often secret and our of the way. The exception is the city state of Aldapor, which is notorious as the home of necromancy and hence despised by most of the world. Here resides the only true necromantic “school”, the Night Tower, with just over 100 students.

Arcane Hand Coalition

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