Arvius the Witch Doctor

Arvius is a strange witch doctor that Salazar came across in his searching for the Demonomicon.

Arvius resides alone in his hut on Xen’drik.


Some of Arvius’ estimates on the coming demon invasion:

He believes that the merging of planes would naturally last a minimum of ten years, possibly even more than 20. So, increasing the rate at which the planes pass by each other would certainly help, but it would most likely still last a few years.

Disrupting or eliminating the portals surrounding Fort Petanth are estimated to reduce the demonic threat to Sarlona by 12-15%.

Arvius says that it is possible to teach others that are skilled in arcane matters to also close large portals, however it is a complex process with many variables. So, while arvius might be able to close a large portal within 2 or 3 minutes, another wizard that was taught might take 10 minutes or more to succeed at the same task.

Arvius the Witch Doctor

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