Bael Streyffonion

Bael has been identified as the leader of a small group of bandits that has been raiding caravans near the border of Syrkarn and Adar. Notably, this affects Thaele Duskwalker’s new mining and lumber operations.

After a bandit was captured, Bael’s identity and the bandit’s approximate location in eastern Syrkarn was revealed and this information was shared with Thaele.


Four of Thaele’s best students, a long with a mysterious ranger named Ranger, delved into the mountains to deal with these bandits. The students include: The Mizh Twins, Melissa Drange and Tetha Kedur.

After routing the bandit’s nest, the group was pleased to uncover all of their stolen loot, but also the bandit Wizard’s spellbook:

Chromatic Orb
Mage Armor
Fog Cloud
Expeditious Retreat
Illusory Script

$Cloud of Daggers
$Hold Person
Arcane Lock
Gust of Wind
Alter Self


Bael Streyffonion

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