Barbara Gildawen

Barbara is an elderly blind half-elf. She is supported and well cared for by her noble kin in Dul Kabana.

Upon inquiring about a vision enhancing device, Chang Elstenvaug directs Thaele to Barbara Gildawen, whom he claims has just such an item to satisfy his wants.

Upon meeting with her, it is interesting to find that she has no need of the device any more, despite being blind. The device, a magical ear implant, enables the wearer to visualize their surroundings via sound. In her old age, after many years of use, Barbara has gained this ability innately, and no longer requires the use of the Echolocation Implants. She offers to part with her device but only in exchange for an heirloom that she lost years ago, a porcelain doll of a dragonborn warrior. She explains that the doll is very precious to her. By her best guess, it is in the possession of a foul magician, Mithanos, whom is known to have taken refuge somewhere in the Broken Blade Mountains after being expelled from the Summoning Hand a few years ago.

Echolocation Implants (wondrous uncommon, requires attunement)
Grants the wearer blindsight 60ft.

Barbara Gildawen

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