Days to the Apocalypse

After returning from the Demonweb, the party bears the grave news of a possible wide scale demonic invasion, primarily due to the Plane of the Abyss and the Material Plane coming as close as they possibly can to each other, making travel between the two the easiest it has ever been in history.

From their encounter with Macky the Glabrezu, there is good reason to believe that the Invasion will be in full swing in 3 months and 4 days (94 days) from the day they returned to the Material plane.

Events upon the return from the Demonweb

  • 94 days out: The group returns from the Demonweb, battered, weary, and hardly alive. They have managed to retrieve the Cubic Gate which they were seeking, as well as recruiting a tortured drider, Revenin.
  • 90 days out: The group returns to Count Strahd von Zarovich in the Shadowfell, where they complete their deal. They exchange the Cubic Gate for a peak at a few archaic pages of the Demonomicon. They are pleased to find upon them the true demon name of Yeenoghu, the demon lord of the gnolls, and a handful of his high lieutenants.
  • 87 days out: The monthly Grand Council meeting is held in the capital, Durat Tal. At the meeting, the party explains their adventure into the Demonweb, and entreats the Council to take action and preventative steps before a full scale demonic invasion begins.
  • XX days out: Thaeles students capture the bandit leader, Bael Streyffonion, who had been raiding merchants in the area
  • XX days out: Thaele and Cairner take down a rogue magician, Mithanos.
  • Trip to island: 6 days
  • Arrive on Island, 22 days to auction
  • Leave Island, 9 days later, 13 days to auction
  • 6 days later, Arrive back at Ghoza, successfully escorting the airship crew. 7 days to auction
  • 48 days out: Cairner funds a dwarven expedition in Adar!
  • 36 days out: Arrive at Stormreach
  • 31 days out: Fought Mondemic Hell Hounds
  • 27 days out: Arrive at Arvius’ hut
  • 22 days out: Enter the Astral plane with Arvius
  • 20 days out: Enter the Pyramid of Ebon Flame. Slay Jassan the Spirit Naga.
  • 19 days out: Return to Sarlona via Divine intervention.
  • 14 days out: Party finishes Long rest back in Sarlona.
  • 12 days out: Volcano Adventure, Cairner meets with Devils, etc.
  • 10 days out: Fort Petanth
  • 4 days out: Grand Council Meeting
  • 3 days out: Arvius identifies sweet spots for portal closing, Portal Closing Strike Force
  • 2 days out: Construction begins on Thaele’s airship.
  • 1 day out: return from successful portal closure ritual with simulacrum Arvius at “point C”
  • Day 0: The apocalypse begins. This happened on October 25th of the year AD 3542.
  • Day 2: Arvius completes construction of his first Entraize Stones. Badwaf obtains 2 rings of fire resist using Eskeban’s funds, and also houses his gang in Eskeban’s guest house.
  • Day 5: Arvius, the party, Jath, Senna, Protective Hand Prefects go to “Point C” to attempt to stymie the largest clusters of demonic portals. Successfully close portals at Point C.
  • Day 7: Group B, a group of ~15 capable members including Shelan Qertland, completes ritual at Point B.
  • Day 10 (Nov 7): Complete Long Rest after portal closing ritual at Point C.
  • Day 11: Mission to Point S. Arvius Simulacrum successfully completes the portal closing ritual.

Demonlords not likely to hold back:

  • Lolth
  • Yeenoghu
  • Demogorgon

Days to the Apocalypse

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