Macky the Glabrezu


A wiley demon Glabrezu has repeatedly visited the party, for various reasons.

Upon being asked for a name for contract writing purposes, the Glabrezu identifies as “Macky” in service of Graz’zt.

Of note, Macky has previously given the group a set of Demon Plate armor, which they have chosen not to use and are currently trying to sell.

While in the Demonweb, Macky and the party, represented by Thaele Duskwalker, made a contract where Macky would supply information to them about the impending demon invasion, in exchange for any information they might be able to give concerning goings-on in the drow armies and the Demonweb.

Macky appeared to Salazar and Sarah in Stormhome, and informed them that Yeenoghu was focusing his demonic invasion forces in eastern Khorvaire. In exchange, he asks them for any and all knowledge of movements of Lolth’s army.

Macky the Glabrezu

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