Mantorok, the Corpse God

Mantorok, the Corpse god.

Once, Mantorok was a god of Balance. Life and Death, plant and harvest.

Ancient God, Great Old One, Dead God.Primordial. These are some of the titles given to Mantorok and his ilk.

In the Dawn of the world, the Old Ones ruled, with mortals firmly underfoot. Some of these Old Ones were not all that bad, while others existed as horror incarnate.

It is said that War broke out when the Material Plane was first visited by the Outsiders. Celestials and Fiends found our Plane for the first time.

While the Old Ones had more individual power than the Outsiders, the Outsiders were far more cooperative with each other than even two of the Old Ones could manage for very long.

Of the Old Ones, four of them were of particular note.

Chattur’gha. Zel’lotath. Ulyaoth. Mantorok.

It is said that the first three were envious of Mantorok, for he held a greater sway over the mortals, and was loved and feared by them to a greater degree.

The Three convinced themselves that they could work together to bring Mantorok down and share his dominion, and be happy. The War with the Outsiders was the perfect time.

The Three bound Mantorok. A physical form held within a temple, constructed to serve as a binding circle of incalculable size. The greater part of his power was banished, beyond the stars. This was the first Binding of Mantorok.

The Three did not succeed in their cooperation. As soon as Mantorok was bound, they turned on each other, and the Outsiders prevailed, ousting the Old Ones and establishing a new pantheon.

Some time after the War, The Six learned of Mantoroks tomb. The Binding Circle built into the temple has been weakening as he exerted his will over it.

The details of what happened next is has been known only to a few in history, and to even fewer still alive. But in the end, The Six affixed Seals over the temple, each of them doing their part to keep Mantorok asleep. This was the Second Binding of Mantorok.

Whether through his own failed plans, or through some other machinations, at some point in time after the Six Seals were placed, Nine Devils of great skill tapped into Mantoroks power, for dead or not, he was still a god. Nine Devils from Nine Hells created Nine Gates, each one at a ley line that connected a point in the world with a binding point of the Temple of Mantorok, and through the use of these gates were able to sap at the dead gods energy for their own deeds,and, incidentally, strengthen his prison.. This was the Third Binding of Mantorok.

Thrice bound by traitors, his blood and his flesh.
Twice that by Mortals, the Seals of the Six
Nine times by Devils, Nine gates for Nine Hells
The Binding of Mantorok keeps the Corpse God asleep, bound, and dead. But he is still a god, and he is willing to share what power is left to him, to those willing to do what must be done. When the Weave is unwavering, when the gods deny prayers, when the spirits of nature refuse your request, he will whisper in your mind.

There are other ways. Forgotten ways. Old Ways.

Open unto me the Way
Across angled time and
curved space, let the
passage be free unto the
Corpse God
And As the gate opens
the Corpse God shall
whisper secrets into
the soul of the Binder
The lock shall be broken
Gates of the Nine
Seals of the Six
Blood of the Three
United, the Corpse God
Shall be be awakened

Mantorok, the Corpse God

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