Quarterly Auction of Durat Tal

The Capital of Riedra, Durat Tal, is an active economic hub. A large part of this trade blossoming can be seen in the quarterly auctions held in the common square in the desert capital. This 2-day event is famed across the continent and beyond as being the greatest congregation of merchants, collectors, and peddlers. Goods from all across the world get sold here. Exotic and valuable items are commonplace in this auction.

Of particular note, a quarterly auction is scheduled to be held appoximately 6 weeks after the party returned from the Demonweb. Items must be registered to be sold at the auction a full week in advance. Below are some of the advertised items that will be available for auction.


From the PCs:

  • Circlet of Blasting 400gp
  • Demonic Armor: 8,000gp
  • Magma spider egg x 3 : 100gp each

from badwaf

  • Holy Armlet of Radiant Flame: 4000gp

From Thaele

  • Minor Crimson Sphere: +1 Intelligence flawed -1 wis 2000gp
  • Animated skeletal fish: 25gp

From Cairner

+1 Magic Fire Warhammer: 3000gp
Blackened Leather Jerkin (fire resist): 400gp

Ioun Stones

Minor Ioun Stones
  • Minor Blue Rhomboid: +1 Strength: 4000gp
  • Minor Deep Red Sphere: +1 Dexterity flawed -1 Str 2500gp
  • Minor Deep Red Sphere: +1 Dexterity: 4000gp
  • Minor Onyx Rhomboid: +1 Constitution: 3500gp
  • Minor Onyx Rhomboid: +1 Constitution flawed -1 int: 2500gp
  • Minor Onyx Rhomboid: +1 Constitution flawed -1 wis: 2500gp
  • Minor Onyx Rhomboid: +1 Constitution heavily flawed -1 str, -1 wis: 800gp
  • Minor Crimson Sphere: +1 Intelligence: 3500gp
  • Minor Crimson Sphere: +1 Intelligence: 3500gp
  • Minor Blue Sphere: +1 Wisdom flawed -1 con 2000gp
  • Minor Blue Sphere: +1 Wisdom heavily flawed -1 con, -1 cha 600gp
  • Minor Blue Sphere: +1 Wisdom heavily flawed -1 con, -1 int 600gp
  • Minor Pink Rhomboid: +1 Charisma, flawed -1 Int: 2000gp
Major Ioun Stones
  • Major Blue Rhomboid: +2 Strength: 30,000gp
  • Major Blue Rhomboid: +2 Strength flawed -1 Dex: 22,000gp
  • Major Onyx Rhomboid: +2 Constitution: 26,000gp
  • Major Blue Sphere: +2 Wisdom 28,000gp
  • Major Blue Sphere: +2 Wisdom flawed -1 Int 20,000gp
  • Major PInk Rhomboid +2 Charisma heavily flawed -2 Str 16,000gp
    h6. Uncategorized Ioun Stones
  • Pink and yellow Cone: +2 to maximum Charisma (not actual charisma): 50,000gp
  • *Emerald pyramid: +3 perception: 8,000 gp
  • White Frustum: Resist Cold damage flawed vulnerable to Fire: 3,500gp
  • Orange Prism: Advantage on CON checks and saves: 16,000gp
  • *Red and Orange pyramid: You gain an extra reaction each round: 35,000gp

Magical Weapons

Arrows of Red Dragon Slaying x4: 800 gp (each)
Arrows of Green Dragon Slaying x4: 700 gp (each)
Arrows of Blue Dragon Slaying x4: 700 gp (each)
Flame Tongue: 60,000gp
Mace of Smiting: 5000gp
Dancing Sword: 45,000gp
+1 Enchanted Sword : 500gp
+2 Enchanted Sword : 4000gp
+1 Magic Longbow: 400gp
+3 Magic Longbow: 25,000gp

+1 Wand of the War Mage: 700gp
+1 Wand of the War Mage: 700gp
+2 Wand of the War Mage: 6000gp
Staff of Fire: 80,000gp

Magical Armor

+1 Adamantine Half-plate: 4000gp
+1 Splint Mail: 2400gp
+1 Plate Armor: 4500gp
+2 Dwarven Plate: 35000gp
+2 Elven Chainmail: 25000gp
+2 Gnomish Studded Leather: 46000gp

Misc Magic Items

Boots of Elvenkind: 300gp
Headband of Intellect: 350gp
Belt of Giant Strength (Hill): 4500 gp
Horseshoes of Speed: 2500gp
Sending Stones: 400gp
Bag of Holding: 500gp
Bag of Holding: 500gp
Bag of Beans: 3000gp
Portable Hole: 4000gp

Wondrous items

Null sphere: 120,000gp
This mostly harmless looking metal ball blocks out all magical effects, surpressing them. Acts as a permanent Antimagic Field spell.
Manual of Bodily Health: 45,000gp
5×7 Flying Carpet: 20,000 gp
Pearl of Power: 600gp

Instruments of the Bards

Doss Lute: 1000gp
Fochlucan Bandore: 1000gp
Mac-fuirmidh Cittern: 1200gp
Canaith Mandolin: 4000gp
Pipes of Haunting: 800gp


The Bejeweled Handle of Aragheim 60,000gp

Quarterly Auction of Durat Tal

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