Salazar's year hiatus

Salazar embarked on an airship to Xen’drik, in search of the warlock Veshkot, and in the hopes of finding the Demonomicon.

Salazar is accompanied by the young Sarah Vanduik, who ditched her father and the Gambrian Brigade to go adventuring and become a bard.

On the journey, Sarah enthusiastically took up the role of adventurer, and Salazar often found himself chasing after her. She enjoyed playing her new found skill with the lute to the crew of the airship, and many more. Overall, she seems very happy to have gotten away from her father and the Gambrian Brigade.

Upon reaching Xen’drik and disembarking in Stormreach, Salazar had little luck in finding what he was looking for. After weeks of dead ends, Sarah managed to coax some information out of a less-than-reputable looking drow. Whether she used magic or not to charm him, Salazar was unsure.

After an incident that involved running away from angry cyclops, Salazar was able to locate the whereabouts of his target, Veshkot, only to be disappointed to find his lair in ruins and his body dismembered. Someone-some thing – had beaten him to it, and the demonomicon was nowhere to be found.

Despite his frustrations, Salazar was able to pick up a plethora of information about demons and their ways, in addition to teaching Sarah in the basics of bard magic, and learning a few new tricks of his own!

New spells:
Glyph of Warding (3rd level)
Banishment (4th level)

At this point, Salazar and Sarah felt they had hit a dead end. Despite making progress toward finding the Demonomicon and possibly the source of all this trouble, they were without any solid leads. They agreed to head back home and check in at the Great Library, share what they had learned, and see what might be done to further investigate the source of this crisis.

Salazar's year hiatus

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