Skill Badges

Skill Badge Rules: Some aspects of certain skills require more specialized study, that isnt
Typically covered by the broad strokes that you’d get from basic training in that skill.
The most common examples are Knowledge skills,but any skill may have something come up at
one point or another.

To deal with this, each character will receive a number of Badges that certify them as being specially trained in a specific sub-type of skill.
For example, a Wizard may be specially trained in Forbidden Lore, or Planar Lore, rather than just the base Arcana.

Any Skill or Tool may receive a Badge,at DMs discretion. When a Skill Check is called for, the DM may call for a specific Badge requirement, or the player may request the use of it, the same way Skill Checks are called for to begin with.
The primary Knowledge Badges are listed here, you may submit your own request to the DM for approval outside of game.

• You can specialize in any skill you are proficient in.
• Every character can pick two specializations at character creation, in the same skill or in two different skills. In addition to that, you can pick a new specialization whenever your proficiency bonus increases.
• The player can choose any subset of the skill to specialize in. The DM can approve, reject, or modify the specialization so that it is not too specific or too broad.
• DM may award you a Badge based on backstory or in-game events.
• Having a Badge may give you a bonus,but also may be what allows you to make a check in the first place. Sometimes just having the chance is bonus enough.

Knowledge Skills

Arcana Badges

○ Forbidden Lore (occult, the weird, and the forbidden, including cults and their practices, evil deities, curses and maledictions, and the lower planes of existence and their inhabitants, the fiends. This field also deals with undead creatures. )
○ Planar Lore (knowledge about the planes and creatures on them,can overlap with lower planes knowledge from Forbidden Lore,but is more expansive)

Religion Badges

• Modern Religion (religious groups that are active in modern times)
• Ancient Religion (religious groups that are no longer actively/openly worshiped)

History Badges

• World History (things like great battles in other lands, the histories of kings and queens, etc)
• Folklore (local histories, legends, drinking songs, etc, things you’d learn by travelling to these places as a merchant or bard)

Nature Badges

• Nature (the natural world, including plants and animals, that exists primarily above ground)
• Dungeoneering (dealing with subterranean areas such as caves and man-made tunnels, along with creatures that dwell underground)

Medicine Badges

• First Aid (battlefield medic, applying salves, most mundane healing)
• Herbal Remedies (brewing teas and other concoctions that ease pain or speed recovery)

Skill Badges

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