Spell Requests

For requests on new spells or alterations to existing spells.

Animate Shield Guardian Transmutation: Lvl 8 spell V,S,M Casting time 46 Hours
Required components worth 60,000 Gold for the Guardian
This spell permanently animates a Shield Guardian, as seen in the monster Manual p 271

Instead of expending spell points immediately, while channeling this spell, every 2 hours you expend 2 spell points.
You must maintain concentration for the entire 46 hours, making a Concentration check once every 12 hours (3 checks total)
A failed check causes the spell to fizzle.
?When made, can choose to either roll HP or take average, but can not be changed?

This spell also includes knowledge on how to create a Masters Amulet linked to it. Once the Guardian is made, you must spend 1 week and 1,000 gold in components to create an amulet. You can recreate a lost or destroyed amulet in the same way.(amulet taken straight from MM description)

brail notes: pricing is based off DMG: Manual of Golems prices, higher than the CR 5 golem but lower than the CR 9 golem.
The high level, high cost, and strenuous casting would mean that Shield guardians are technically available but would be rare and justify the “exorbitant” price, as mentioned in the MM, when trying to buy one rather than make it. ~200,000 gold?

Alternate cost: 30,000 gold but requires specific area to craft?

Summon Aberration Lvl 7
Conjuration V,S,M, including four beholder eyestalks that are consumed by the rituals magic

A summoned spectator guards a location or treasure of its summoners choice for 101 years, allowing no creature but its summoner to enter the area or access the item, unless it is instructed otherwise.

If the item is stolen or destroyed before the years pass, the spectator vanishes, but otherwise it never abandons its post. Spectators are prone to madness.
A freed spectator often chooses to live in its previous workspace, sometimes taking on the personality of the wizard who summoned them, esp if that wizard has died or been absent.
brail notes- in line with flame skull in terms of creating and guarding a place- beholder eyestalks are fairly rare, as are wizard heads, the eyestalks are specifically mentioned in MM entry on spectators on page 30

Spell Requests

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