Teleportation Circles of Sarlona

Established Teleportation circles on the continent of Sarlona are listed below. Use of these circles can be obtained for the outrageously low price of 5g per passenger, with increased prices for especially large teleportees. That’s a word now.

Accomplished wizards may wish to utilize these permanent circles with their own magic, from wherever they might be. For approved users, the glyphs of all major permanent public teleportation circles may be obtained and used for a one time fee of 300gp for each major continent with Teleportation Circles. Of course, the usage of these circles is always monitored for safety and to ensure fair use.

In Riedra:

  • Durat Tal, the capital
  • Dul Kabana
  • Dul El
  • Dar Darath
  • Dar Ulatesh
  • Dar Terash

In Adar:

Intercontinental Teleportation circles do exist, such as in Khorvaire, but are more expensive. Using these require 50gp.

OOC note: there may be a few more public teleport circles, but I haven’t decided if or where they might be. If there is another portal added, it’s glyphs are included in the 300gp registration.

Teleportation Circles of Sarlona

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