Thaeles End Game

Lvl 10 is upon us and I figure its time to start heading towards the end game stuff.

A few things….
Story wise: primary goal is to get dead wife back, as shes been unable to be brought back to life.

mechanic wise: Above all else, a way to get permanent undead.

1) Crafting/spell research-Alchemy, blacksmithing, poisons maybe, new spells aplenty that thaele wants/needs.

2) Need to find out who is currently guarding the Gates of the Nine. The gates themselves would be in the Material Plane most likely.There is one Gate for each of the nine hells, each one will be guarded by a denizen of that particular layer of hell.
Start gathering the gates. They may already be in places we need to go, or near enough, but if they arnt near any demon stuff, can convince the party that they are vital. The planes are intersecting, we dont have the power to change that,but the Gates can give us power to help close off portals/etc.

After the gates are installed, the Seals of the Six are next, then the Blood of the Three.

The names of the bindings are related to their True Forms, which exist on a demi-plane where Mantorok is bound. In the demi-plane prison, mantorok is sealed within a pyramid of unimaginable size. The Blood, Seals, and Gates there are more literal, but on the Material Plane they generally exist as a sort of gem,and most people would mistake them for Ioun Stones,Pearls of Power, or similar magic items.

3) Along with the Bindings, Thaele wants to further his research into becoming a lich. Hes done a (fairly small) amount of preperation, the first step of which was to brew a concoction that will change his body to be more resilient to the harsher effects of Undeath (lvl 10 feature)
Lichdom would ideally come around either lvl 15/17, when lvl 8/9 spell slots become available. Maybe Lesser Lich at first? I dunno. Some balance between game mechanic balance and still being a cool thing to see. I would like to play as thaele the lich rather than have it be “okay, you become a lich, game over”

Thaeles End Game

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