The Grand Council

The Grand Council is the central governing of the coalition. Each member of the council is one of the best spell casters in their field, and they tend to convene once a month, more often if circumstances require it. Each of the 8 traditional schools has a single representative on the council. Each school has its own methods of selecting who is on the council. The only rules are that a member can not be replaced more than once a year unless a member is impeached by as 3/4 council vote.

Abjuration: Protective Hand
Meawn “the Sage” Farrowind


Meawn is by far the eldest and longest severing member of the council. He has held his post for 50 years and shows no sign of slowing down. His arbitration skills are the stuff of legend. He was able to mediate a peace treaty between goblins and humans which lasted a full year before the goblins remembered that they were in fact goblins and didn’t care for such silly things as pieces of paper. Whenever the Coalition is in need of a mediator Meawn is there. His skills come from a vast knowledge and understanding of the cultures and peoples of the continent of Sarlona.

Transmutation: Shifting Hand
Sullivan “the Slippery” Smurk


Sulivan is praised by his fellow members of the shifting hand as an economic “genius”. The counsel views him as a underhanded tyrant. His smooth talking and charismatic tongue has afforded him many lucrative ventures. While the counsel is highly suspicious of him using downright illegal tactics there is no proof of this and the counsel is reluctant to peruse the issue for fear the large sums of money the Shifting Hand keeps the coffers of the coalition stocked with would dry up.

Conjuration: Summoning Hand
Kfrogil “the Beast King” Duen


An individuals rank within the Summoning Hand is determined by the quality of the summons an individual can achieve. The highest rank within the school is that of Grand Counsel Representative, a position that Kfrogil has held for 10 years. At his most recent demonstration as to why he has held the position for so long Kfrogil summoned a pair of King Lions, a particularly massive breed of lion found on the continent of Argonnessen. This would normally be impressive enough but Kfrogil took it a step farther by battling the two and winning. Krogils’ skill on the battlefield is well known and as such he has lead numerous Coalition campaigns against rouge goblin hords, Knoll raids and such over the years.

Divination: Radiant Hand
Melonion “the Healer” Weagion

Melonion has had an insatiable curiosity since she was a small child. She has developed into one of the premier scholars of the day and uses her vast knowledge to lead the council and represent them at the Forum. She is particularly found of her studies into divination magic and has developed numerous healing techniques over the years. Her crowning achievement was the invention of the Aureola spell, simply known as “Mass Heal”.

Enchantment: Controlling Hand
Asoka “the Incorruptible” Xio


The people of the land may not know it but Asoka has had an influence on almost everything in their day to day lives. Asoka has had a hand in molding and influencing most of the laws passed by the Forum for the past 20 years. When she became a council member five years ago most of the council was worried that she would take control of the council and bend it to her own whims. It has become clear now she is not seeking personal power and has earned the monicor “incorruptible”. Watching her from the sidelines it is clear she is more concerned for the common good of the people than herself. Her skills are not wasted sowly on political strategies and maneuvers. She is a brilliant military tactician and has won battles that seemed hopeless. In the battle of Townsend she was able to hold an orc raid at bay long enough for the nearby garision to arrive. She and the view townsfolk who fought with her only had minor injuries.

Geoffrey “Hellfire” Bolganone


Within the Evocation school a tournament is held once every seven years and the winner is selected has the schools council representative. Geoffrey was defeated in a fairly one sided battle durning the preliminary round. However midway through the tournament a massive goblin hoard attacked the tournament grounds. During the attack Geoffrey saw his sister, her husband and child killed and torn to pieces right in front of him. What happened next varies depending on whom you ask but the official report in the Evocation school archives tells how the “Meteor” spell was invented in that instant. As Geoffrey cried in grief at the loss of his sisters family his eyes glowed with an intense fire as he turned toward the goblin horde. Seemingly from nothing Geoffrey summoned huge fire blasts that rained down upon the horde utterly obliterating it. the judges of the tournament agreed that he was the winner of the tournament as if he actually had used that spell in the ring the entire evocation school would have been destroyed. Seven years later Geoffrey won the tournament without using his Meteor spell and earned the monicor “Hell Fire” for his brilliantly pure intense flames.

Illusion: Shimmering Hand
Shelan “the Mist” Qertland


Shelan or “Shela” as she likes to go by, is the youngest member of the Counsel ever. Five years ago a small girl walked into the Grand Counsel chambers and introduced herself as the representative of the Shimmering hand. At the time the other members thought this to be a joke but as the years went by Shela has earned the respect of the other counsel members. She claims to be 15 years old now but some members of the Counsel aren’t so sure. Shela acts as the eyes and ears of the council giving them information that even their bests spy’s have difficulty even confirming, never mind finding in the first place. The shimmering hand is shrouded in mystery. Only 5 of its members are known. They all insist that Shela is the rightful counsul member and that the rest of the Shimmering Hands members are critical to keep the Coalition in one piece.

Necromancy: Undying Hand
Chang “the Darkness” Elstenvaug


Chang, a drow, is one of three members of the Undying Council, and is one of the best necromancers of the Coalition, and is the Undying Hand’s representative in the Grand Council. He resides at the Night Tower. As one of its leaders, Chang’s drow lineage unfortunately often makes it harder for the Undying Hand in negotiations with other entities, including within the rest of the Coalition. Necromancy is already frowned upon enough, the added insult of having to deal with a drow sometimes makes civilized discussion impossible.

The Grand Council

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