The Great Library of Sarlona

The Great Library of Sarlona is a library system headquartered in Dul Kabana, with outposts and smaller library locations throughout the continent. It is loosely affiliated with the Arcane Hand Coalition.


The Great Library of Sarlona exists to appreciate and enhance the world’s understanding of events throughout history. It accomplishes this task by teaching nobles and occasionally common people of the finer points of history, investigating and gaining an understanding of both arcane and non-arcane artifacts, tomes, and other items, and maintaining vast stores of knowledge (Libraries) where scholars can go to gain a deeper understanding of nearly any subject imaginable.


Student: Around 0-2 years
Scholar: 3-4 Years
Librarian: 5-7 years
Master LIbrarian: 8-10 Years
Archivist: 10-15 years
Master Archivist: 15+ years, maybe longer
Grand Archivist: 20+ years, maybe longer. Many archivists never achieve this rank.
Sage: Many, many years of experience, profound wisdom, the best of the best. Most archivists will never achieve this rank.

Honorary Titles, and/or positions:

Master of the Archive: Head of a particular location or outpost of the Great Library. Must be at least Scholar, usually Master Librarian or higher.

Visiting/Traveling Scholar: Anyone away from the Great Library with the mission of teaching those around him/her of the history of the realms. Can be any rank, usually Scholar-Librarian.

Traveling Archivist: Librarian who leads a traveling company of Library members, or travels on his own to track down artifacts or handle investigations. Typically a Master Librarian or higher, but can be any rank, so long as he/she is leading a mission.

Visiting Archivist: Archivist assigned for an extended period of time to a location outside of his normal residence. Typically used by a high-ranking Archivist residing at an outpost run by a lesser archivist, or assigned to an Arcane Coalition library.

Great LIbrarian: Head of the Great Library. Must be at least a Master Archivist. Usually a Grand Archivist or Sage.

The Great Library of Sarlona

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