The Nine Gates

The Nine Gates by name, in no particular order. Each gate siphons power from the fallen Great One Yog-Sothoth, aka Mantorok.

Thamiel- Crown

Chaigidel-Wisdom, Balance,Corruption

Sathariel-Understanding,Concealment, Deception

Gamchicothp- Knowledge, Devouring and waste of knowledge

Golachab-Kindness, Burning Bodies, Mercy and Wrath

Thagirion-Hope, Despair

Harab Serapel-Acceptance,Rejection, Beauty and Repulsivness

Samael-The Left Hand. Victory,Failure, The Fallen Ones of God.

Gamaliel-Splendor,Pollution, Surrender, Flee. Associated with Lilith,the first Succubus*

Nehemoth- Connection to a task, Disconnect. Coherant thoughts, Whispers

The Nine Gates

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