Song of Sadness

Asdav became a mute

Also a giant spider

Asdav suddenly became a mute (Jacob quit the game)

The group explored the cave a bit, found some potential paths. Ended up taking one route that led to more magma slugs and a GIANT FUCKING SPIDER.
Thaele did tons of damage to it, while Cairner managed to avoid getting hit by it like an expert.
There were spider eggs that the spider had to go up and do something to them to make them hatch.

The spider died, Thaele gathered up the eggs and Erenev found a magic flame sword.
Thaele left the spider eggs and a couple more magma slug skins with Asdav near the entrance of the cave.


The group went back to the dead end area they had found before that was blocked by lava. Thaele threw a cryotube! The lava hardened into rock, and they continued on.

Cairner noticed an illusory rock, Thaele prodded it with mage hand and discovered what seems to be a door. Went through and they found…a desk! Some paper, a journal, and a scroll!
Journal belonged to the Dwarven mage that lived here, scroll was a powerful fire spell. Thaele also managed to discover a hidden button in the room that when pressed, created a magical bridge over to a chest that was on a pedestal in a room full of lava.

They walk up to the chest, inspect it for traps and whatnot, open it up and find…an Ioun stone of +1 int! As well as a magical leather armor of fire resistance!

The group gathers up their stuff and leaves the caves, back to town!


searsm8 Brail

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