Song of Sadness

Funerals and Recruitments and Zombies, oh my

Also stalking a teenage dwarf girl?

The group got back to town.
Thaele was approached by a young girl who was fascinated by the Ioun stone orbiting his head, and managed to convince her that wizards are awesome and he gave her a parchment equivalent to a business card for the Arcane Hand general admissions office.

The group splits up.
Over the course of the next two days or so, the group…..

Badwaf goes to perform a funeral for the priest that he totally didnt murder as far as anybody else knows.

Thaele took the fireslug skins to a leatherworker, who says he cant work them into anything usable but can treat them so that they will be ready to be used by a leatherworker who has the right equipment at some point.

Erenev, helped by Thaeles Unseen Servant, gets the bulkier loot set up in the inn.
Erenev, Thaele, and Cairner go see the Erwin brothers to discuss the map the group made for him, and Ereven finagles some extra books out of the deal. Thaele tried unsuccessfully to get some more spells, almost convinced one brother but the other just wasnt interested enough to be willing to part with precious magic ink.

Back at the tavern/inn, the group talks about what to do next. Thaele invites them all to join him in his hunt for a rogue wizard, doing his best to avoid just saying “hes an evil necromancer” outright, and Thaele makes it clear that he himself goes through proper procedure for his necromancy, he is licensed and everything! Rattles off about paperwork and such.

The group agrees to help, each for a different reason. Thaele tells Badwaf about the Radiant Hand, and Badwaf seems very interested in continuing his pilgrimage and seeing them on the way, and is definitely not planning any kind of mass murder of a powerful organization because that would be insane.

Erevan is not a fan of necromancers, and especially unlicensed ones, so he will help out to make the world safer.

Cairner is lured by the call of treasure, I think?

Erevan also tells the group that somethings up with Tetha, that she sneaks out into the woods every night around midnight. Thaele assumes that some sort of wizard is messing with her and the creepalopes.

Around 10pm they go and hide out in the woods. Thaele uses his newly summoned familiar, Owlissan, to scout from the air. After a couple hours of boredom, Tetha leaves, party follows.
Badwaf does some Trickery magic and makes the group super stealthy so Tetha never notices them.

They follow her for about 30 minutes, notice some zombies, hear her talking to someone saying that she hates the zombies. Thaele sees her starting to get on an altar that has a creepalope corpse next to it, through owl-o-vision, so orders Owlissan to cause a distraction. She does this by landing on on the corpse and pecking at it. The wizard tosses a magic at the owl but misses!

The group starts to make a plan on what to do but instead Cairner charges in and smashes the wizard with a hammer.
Once he charges in, its apparent that there are quite a few more things than originally noticed. Many zombles, and a zombie dog.
Thaele casts Sleep as a second level spell, which rolled very well combined with the wizard being down a bit of health, managed to put out both Tetha and the Wizard, but there were still fuck tons of zombies.
Zombies, zombies, everywhere.
Seriously they just kept coming.
Thaele tied up the wizard and the bitchy dwarf, then almost died.
Owlissan DID die but took a hit that meant Thaele didnt die.
Erevan was basically a badass and did all kinds of damage.
Badwaf used his Channel Divinity to Turn Undead which meant we could kill the ones that werent turned and grab the new prisoners and get away with them.


searsm8 Brail

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