Song of Sadness

Mini Session: Back to town

Also a reward

Searched the wizard, turns out that its Geenan, the Necromancer Thaele was after in the first place. Have him bound and gagged.
Tetha is confirmed to not be enchanted or anything, shes just gullible and grieving and really wanted her pets to be alive again.
That still doesnt explain why the creepalopes were being hostile to begin with.

The group takes Tetha back to her manor and has a bit of a chat with her father the Baron or whatever he is, then they take Geenan to the prison and make sure he is sufficiently chained and gagged, and Thaele shows the warden/guard guy the documents he has saying that Geenan is an actual criminal and is to be brought to the Undying Hand, dead or alive. Guard looks it over, is a bit surprised to have an actual criminal, and agrees that Thaele can take him when he leaves town.

Next day at breakfast Thaele makes some comments to Badwaf along the lines of “you know we did something great, people often get paid for things like rescuing daughters” so the group went back to the Barons house and Badwaf said something, we got 100g extra but the Baron lost some respect for us.


searsm8 Brail

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