Burning Hand Academy

The Burning Hand is a collection of Wizards who focus on fire magic. Some of its members come to them seeking entry, and some are found by the Academy Scryers, when a person shows great potential.

They have several ranks. In order from lowest to highest, they are…

  1. Spark
  2. Ember
  3. Flame
  4. Scorching Flame
  5. Incendiary Flame
  6. Conflagration
  7. Inferno
  8. Burninator

Ranks are determined by mastery over flame spells and life experience, as well as service to the Academy.

The Academy is not only one building, but has several towers throughout the land, essentially acting as regional campuses.

The Burning Hand makes up approximately 16% of the Coalition.

When someone refers to a “battle mage” or thinks of magical warfare, chances are they are talking about these guys. Many evocation schools are run like a military academy, with strict policies and no-bullshit regulations. A well defined system of ranks and chain of command acts like a well oiled machine. The pursuit of knowledge takes a back seat to military dominance. Those that show promise are recruited (often by force) and put in one of many training programs. Evaluation is constant, and standards are high. Academies and barracks are prevalent throughout most allied territory.

Burning Hand Academy

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