Gvignyr, Dahrmegog’s Cleaver

Dahrmegog was an orc warlord in his time, who conquered entire worlds and left them barren with his blatant disregard for life. His willingness to take and use power without restraint led him on the path to become a demigod, and much of his vast strength still lingers on in his giant battle-axe, Gvignyr.

2h +3 Dread axe, 1d15 SLASHING damage
Brutal criticals, triple damage dice.

Attunement requires the axe be bathed in blood. The axe brazenly demands this, and if it is not bathed in blood within 1 minute of first wielding it, it’s wielder must make a DC 15 CHA save. 3d6 PSYCHIC damage on a save, or be affected by Dominate Monster on a fail, and the axe forces a bath in blood on whatever creatures are nearby, possibly the wielder.

While attuned, you gain +3 STR (no max).
As an action, can teleport 120ft and perform 1 attack.

This sentient weapon revels in carnage and destruction, urging the wielder to slay any who so much as stand in the way. This sentient axe has int 14, WIS 16, cha 19, speaks in a booming voice in infernal or common.

The axe’s only purpose is destruction, and abhors peaceful resolutions. If Gvignir has not shed blood in the past week, or if it feels that you have intentionally avoided a fight, it may provoke the weapon into a conflict with you. If successful, it may coerce you into bloodshed or else demand to be wielded by another.


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