Melantha Et

Melantha Et is a young angel rejected by her culture and banished to the mortal lands for having red eyes.

Melantha was found by the group underneath a secret stairway at Haztaratain Monastery. Ben the Monk said they had found her stumbling through the jungle and brought her to safety.

Cairner has been drawn to protect Melantha, as his paladin nature suggests.

At Vaelon Eskeban‘s mansion, Melantha has been pampered like a princess. She pines to return to her home land, but she knows she has been ostracized. One of her attendants, Qwen claims that Melantha has been saying odd things in her sleep, such as “I see their evil, I see their sins.” and "I’m glowing." However, Melantha denies remembering any such dream or nightmare. Cairner interprets these mutterings as her deva nature and celestial powers beginning to show itself.


With the help of Melonion, Cairner attempts to return Melantha to her home in Mount Celestia. Unfortunately, the angels there will have none of it, and refuse to accept the “tainted” Melantha back into their society.

Saddened by the rejection of her people, Melantha explains her history a bit clearer to Cairner:
She was banished as a baby for being bastard born (hence the red eyes). Her mother was the deva angel Freece, who was nothing short of a princess in Celestia. When it was discovered that Freece had conceived a child with an incubus, she was branded a traitor and banished to the mortal realms. It is unclear whether she had conceived this child, Melantha, intentionally or not.

Melantha was always ostracized by her peers growing up, but was allowed to stay within Celestia for 28 years time. All the while, many despised her, secretly and openly. And eventually, with a shift of political power, it was decreed that Melantha was to be banished, just as her mother had been.

Melantha Et

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