Tainted Mechanics

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As a hybrid, Tainted inherit traits from both their angelic and devilish parentage.

Tainted Traits

  • +2 Charisma (spellcasting ability)
  • 30ft walking speed
  • Devilsight 60ft
  • Tainted Resistance: choose radiant, cold, or fire
  • Speak Common, and either Celestial or Infernal
Innate Spellcasting

At WIll:

  • Fire Bolt or Ray of Frost
  • Detect Evil and Good
Siphon Demonic Energy

Whenever a demonic creature is slain outside the Abyss, its essence is quickly returned to its home plane, where the creature is reformed. A Tainted that is within 30ft of a slain demonic creature automatically absorbs this essence, which empowers the Tainted and prevents the demon from reforming in the Abyss.

The amount of energy absorbed is determined by 1/4 of the demons CR, rounded DOWN.

If there are more than one Tainted (or Demon Stones) within range of a demon, all energy goes to the closest Tainted.

An average Tainted can store a maximum demonic energy determined by their level. Demonic energy empowers the Tainted’s attacks, giving +1 to attack and damage for every 20 energy they hold

Expending Demonic Energy

A Tainted can unleash demonic energy with devastating effect. When energy is unleashed in this way, it is lost into the ether of the cosmos.

  • Channel Energy: Empower

As a BONUS action, expend any amount of demonic energy to empower yourself . You gain advantage on a number of attack rolls or ability checks equal to the amount of energy spent, within 1 min.

  • Channel Energy: Heal

As an action, expend any amount of demonic energy. You regain HP equal to triple the energy spent.

  • Channel Energy: Beam

As an action, expend all stored up demonic energy to unleash a beam 100ft long and 5ft wide. Creatures in the beam must make a CON save. For each energy expeneded, deals d3 NECROTIC damage, or half on a save.

In addition, each sub-type of Tainted have different ways to expend energy.

Level Features
  1. Siphon Demonic Energy (Max 50), Innate Spellcasting
  2. Flying speed 30
  3. Sub-type feature
  4. Ability Score Improvement
  5. Sub-type feature
  6. Channel Energy: Heal, Channel Energy: Empower
  7. Ability Score Improvement
  8. Sub-type feature
  9. Siphon Demonic Energy (Max 100)
  10. Ability Score Improvement
  11. Sub-type feature
  12. Channel Energy: Beam
  13. Sub-type feature
  14. Ability Score Improvement
  15. Sub-type feature
  16. Magic Resist (ADV on saving throws vs magic)
  17. Ability Score Improvement
  18. Siphon Demonic Energy (Max 150)
  19. Ability Score Improvement, Flying speed 60
  20. Sub-type feature

Brusque Tainted

These Tainted are heavy-hitting frontliners that aren’t afraid to charge into a hoard of demons.

  • +1 Strength
  • d10 hit dice
  • Proficiencies: Medium armor, shields, STR, CON saves
  • Level 3 – Your unarmored AC becomes 10 + DEX mod + CON mod. While unarmored, gain +1 AC equal for every 20 demonic energy.
  • Gain extra attacks like the Fighter class (at level 5, 11, 20)
  • Level 8 – Channel Energy: Carapace
    As a bonus action, expend 20 demonic energy to gain +4 to AC, STR, DEX, CON saves for 1 minute.
  • Level 13 – Gain resistance to nonmagical damage.
  • Level 15 – Channel Energy: Nova
    As an action, expend 40 demonic energy to unleash an explosive wave around you. All creatures within 30ft of you must make a STR save or take 12d12 FORCE damage, be pushed back 10ft and fall prone. Only half damage on save.

Knavish Tainted

These more cunning Tainted prefer to let others be the center of attention, instead delivering precision strikes to vulnerable demons.

  • +1 Dexterity
  • d8 hit dice
  • Proficiencies of a Rogue (Light armor, DEX, INT saves)
  • Level 3: Gain Sneak Attack damage like the the Rogue class (d6’s, level/2 rounded up)
  • Level 5 – Channel Energy: Teleport
    As a BONUS action, you can expend demonic energy to teleport (to a place you can see) a number of feet up to 20x the energy expended.
  • Level 8 – Gain innate spellcasting: Invisibility(at will, self only)
  • Level 11 -
  • Level 13 – Channel Energy: Mind Blast
    As an action, expend 30 demonic energy to focus a blast on a single creature. Make a melee spell attack against an adjacent creature. Deals 8d12 NECROTIC and 8d12 PSYCHIC damage, and the target is stunned for 1 round.
  • Level 15 -
  • Level 20 -

Tainted Mechanics

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