Abjuration Spells


Level 1 abjuration
30ft, V, S, M,
Concentration, 1 min

One creature you see within range gains a shield of 10 temporary HP. When this spell ends, all temp HP granted by it is lost.
For each spell level higher than 1st, increase the temporary HP by 10.

Spell Ward

Level 3 abjuration
Touch, V,S, 10 min
One creature you touch is warded against magic for the duration. If the creature would be affected by a level 1 spell, that creature is instead not affected by it and this spell ends.
For each level cast above 3rd, increase the level of which can be protected against by 1.

Dimensional Anchor

4th-level abjuration
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 120 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: 10 minutes

A green ray springs from your outstretched hand toward a creature or object within range. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, the target is covered with a shimmering emerald field that prevents all forms of teleportation and dimensional travel of for the duration. If a teleportation spell exceeds this spell’s level by more than 1, it is unaffected.
At Higher Levels, the duration increases: 5th = 1hr, 6th or 7th = 8hr, 8th = 24hr

Improved Mage Armor

Level 5 Abjuration
1 action, touch, V,S,M
duration: 24 hrs

Applies only to a creature who is not wearing armor. The target’s base AC becomes 14 + dex mod. In addition, as a reaction, the affected creature can cast a Shield spell for free. When the shield spell ends, this spell ends as well.
When cast as a level 7 spell, AC becomes 15 + dex mod.

Area Shield

Level 6 Abjuration
1 action, self, V, S
duration: Concentration, 1 round

For 1 round, you and each creature within 10ft of you gain a +5 bonus to AC, STR and DEX saves. In addition, any spell that requires a STR or DEX save and of spell level lower than this spell’s level is negated within the shield’s area.
When cast at a higher level, increase the radius by 5ft for each level beyond 6.

Abjuration Spells

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