API requests

Place all ideas and requests that might be realized with an API script.

  • fix summon from rollable table
  • api to auto calculate higher level spell castings based on an attribute “spell casting level”. Perhaps just added to the spell point tracker
  • Add a “prepared spell manager” that takes a list of spell names you have prepared, and casts any of those spells with a single macro.
  • Add a role call function?
  • add in round # on initiative
  • functions to auto-rotate and other repetitious token movement
  • add a function to “turn towards” a target, which rotates a token in that direction
  • function to change the current token from a token’s table.
  • automatically change speaking as to the respective player character on start up -or maybe based on selected token?
  • toggle torches

Things the API CANNOT currently do:
Play sounds.
Designate coordinates with a click. There has to be an object there for it to reference.

Newly implemented features!

  • Genetic patrol API:
    !patrol @{selected|token_id} time x y x y x y…..
    The list of x and y define the path of the patrol as a list of movements (in squares)
  • api to teleport tokens to another token,such as for familiars call (teleport to familiar) or arcane gate (teleport from one gate to another within 500ft)
  • Fix concentration script to work correctly
  • Auto-End-Turn after 1 minute, toggleable so that its not always on. Brail would primarily use for out of combat initiatives such as exploring dungeons
    To activate, !turnTimer @{turn duration|180} 20
    To stop, enter 0 for the duration. The “20” is the time at which it will give a warning.

API requests

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