Bellanon Pillar

Bellanon Pillars are floating crystal structures developed by the Arcane Coalition during the initial stages of the Song of Sadness. They are a powerful defensive force against demonic invaders, compelling the weaker minded amongst them to flee, and significantly harming those that remain.

These pillars are constructed by Arcane Coalition smiths, and use Glow Sand as their primary ingredient, using 5lbs of Glow Sand and 16 hrs to craft, reduced by skillful artisanship.

Bellanon Pillar Tier 1

Holy Pulse

Each round, the Pillar deals 3d6 RADIANT damage to all demons within 50ft.

Abyssal Antipathy

Each round, the Pillar exudes a compelling force against all demons to flee, just as the Antipathy spell.

Bellanon Pillar

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