Ioun Stone

Ioun Stones (pronounced eye-oon) are hard, often semi-transparent marble sized gemstones that contain ancient magic. They are used by grasping them briefly, and then releasing them to float about your head, between 1 and 2 feet away from you. Thereafter, a stone must be grasped or netted to separate it from its owner. The owner may voluntarily seize and stow a stone (to keep it safe while he is sleeping, for example), but he loses the benefits of the stone during that time. These prized magical items are rare and hard to come by, but offer unparalleled enhancements. In developed cities, they are used as a status symbol of extreme wealth.

Ioun Stones have 24AC, 10HP, and resistance to all damage.

List of Ioun Stones

Jealous Stones: some stones will not function along with other stones that have similar functions. These stones are marked with an *

Minor Ioun Stones

Minor stones provide a small benefit, usually to a single stat or ability. In general, they will stack up to a max of +3 for a single stat. While rare, one can usually find a particular minor stone with some effort and enough coin. Prices vary greatly depending on location and who you talk to, but in general minor stones sell for around 5000gp

  • Minor Blue Rhomboid: +1 Strength
  • Minor Deep Red Sphere: +1 Dexterity
  • Minor Onyx Rhomboid: +1 Constitution
  • Minor Crimson Sphere: +1 Intelligence.
  • Minor Blue Sphere: +1 Wisdom
  • Minor Pink Rhomboid: +1 Charisma
  • *Minor pink square antiprism: +1 AC
  • Minor sky blue frustum: gain an extra level 3 spell slot. (Gain 5 spell points)

Major Ioun Stones

When someone simply refers to “an Ioun Stone” they are most likely refering to a major stone. These offer a substantial boost to a stat or ability, and will stack up to +6 for a single stat. These treasured items are few and far between, and the possession of multiple stones is a sure sign of great wealth and power. It is the unfortunate nature of these stones as to require that the owner flaunt the precious stones in order to gain their benefit. There is no set or average price for these stones, but you will be laughed out the door if you don’t bring at least 20,000gp. These stones are sometimes traded for boats, or large swathes of land.

  • Major Blue Rhomboid: +2 Strength
  • Major Deep Red Sphere: +2 Dexterity
  • Major Onyx Rhomboid: +2 Constitution
  • Major Crimson Sphere: +2 Intelligence.
  • Major Blue Sphere: +2 Wisdom
  • Major Pink Rhomboid: +2 Charisma
  • *Major orange square antiprism: +2AC
  • Major sky blue frustum: gain an extra level 6 spell slot (gain 9 spell points and the ability to cast am extra level 6 spell)
  • Major Red and Orange Swirl: +1 INT, +1 DEX

Uncategorized Stones

Other strange Ioun Stones exist, sometimes with very odd benefits. The price of these uncategorized stones varies wildly. They are almost always valued higher than minor stones, but some stones, exceptional in both quality and function, can sell for hundreds of thousands of gp.

  • Green Cube: You may use your strength modifier for wis and int saves.
  • Purple Frustum: Resistance to lightning damage.
  • *Yellow Pyramid: +3 to Invesitgation
  • Brown Cube: Gain advantage on saving throws vs poison, paralysis, and petrification.
  • Pink Dodecahedron: Rolling a 1 on a d20 counts as a critical success, but rolling a 20 does not.
  • Crimson Cone: +2 to your maximum Intelligence score (not your actual intelligence)
  • Pink and yellow Cone: +2 to maximum Charisma (not actual charisma)
  • *Pink and purple Ovoid: gain proficiency in persuasion and deception. If you are already proficient, gain expertise.
  • *Red and orange pyramid: You gain an extra reaction each round.
  • Purple and cyan cylinder: You can concentrate on two spells, but only if the combined spell level of both spells is <= 6. You make a separate CON save for each spell.

Cracked and Flawed Ioun Stones

  • Cracked: This can refer to an actual crack or shatter in the stone, or simply a malformation in the shape of the stone. A misshaped stone can sometimes be cut and fixed by a skilled jeweler. Cracked stones tend to offer the same kind of benefit as a normal stone but to a lesser degree. Usually, cracked minor stones do not exist, simply because they would be useless and offer no bonus at all.
  • Flawed: This refers to a stone that was incorrectly forged. Fixing these stones usually requires more arcane skill than it takes to create them. These stones usually have a negative effect in addition to the normal benefit.

Arcana Checks:
DC 10: You know that the raw essence of an Ioun Stone come from other planes, but rare earth metals and gemstones are used as a housing.
DC 13: You know some of the specific components needed for forging a basic Ioun Stone.

DC 15: you realize that multiple ioun stones conflict with their magical energies, allowing the use of only 5 at a time.

DC17: You know that Ioun Stones are exceptionally difficult to craft, and most of those in existence today are centuries old. Very few new ones come into existence.

Ioun Stone

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