Necromancy Spells

Life Without Life

Level 1 necromancy,
1 minute cast, 10ft, VSM

You infuse life where there is none. You animate one undead creature of size small or tiny, and CR 0, such as a Crawling Claw or undead rat. The material cost of this spell includes any corpses. You retain control for 24 hrs (5 days). You may maintain control over 2 such creatures with subsequent castings.
When cast as a level 2 spell, increase the CR to 1/8 and the size limit to medium.

Astral Redirection

Level 3 Necromancy
1 Action, Touch, VSM
Concentration, 1 min

You attempt to redirect one extra-planar portal you can touch to the Astral Plane. While the spell lasts, the portal becomes an opaque black surface of an identical size, and nothing may enter the portal from the side you are on. Any creature or object attempting travel through the other end of portal instead exits through a new portal into the Astral Plane.
If you maintain this spell for a full minute, the newly created portal in the Astral Plane becomes the permanent outlet for the original portal, and the opaque surface the spell was cast on slowly dissipates.
Redirecting portals can be a dangerous task, and powerful portals or other extra-planar conduits can overwhelm the caster if they are not careful. If the magic which created the portal exceeds the casting of this spell by 4 or greater, then the caster takes psychic damage each round equal to the difference in spell levels, and might lose concentration as a result.

Ghost Walk

Level 3 Necromancy
1 Action, touch, V,S,M
Concentration, 10 min

One creature you touch gains incorporeal movement and a flying speed of 10. Until this spell ends, that creature can move through creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain. However, it takes 1d10 FORCE damage if it ends its turn inside another object.
When cast at higher levels, can target one additional creature for each level above 3rd.

Animate Dead

Level 3 necromancy
1 minute cast, 10ft, VSM

You animate one corpse or Skeleton of CR 1/4 or less for 24 hrs (5 days).
When cast as a higher level spell increase the CR max.
Level 4: 1
Level 5: 2
Each undead animated must either be from the MM5E or approved by DM, of course

You can spend subsequent castings to retain control of already active undead as follows:
Level 3 spell: 200 XP worth of undead
Level 4 spell: 300 XP
Level 5 spell: 450 XP

Ruinous Flux

6th level necromancy
60ft, VSM
Rot and ruin strike one foe within range. Make a magic attack roll against one creature. For this roll, any die value >= 15 counts as a critical hit. Deals 7d7 NECROTIC damage and 7d7 FORCE damage.
For each level higher, add 3d7 NECROTIC damage.


6th Level Necromancy
60ft, VSM, two actions (concentration required)
You suck the energy from living creatures within a 15ft cube. On the first round of casting, creatures within the area must make A CON save or take 6d12 NECROTIC damage, half on a save. On the second round of casting, half of the damage dealt can be funneled into your own life force, or transferred to any number of undead creatures within 10ft of you, divided however you choose.
For each level above 6th, add 2d12 damage and 5ft to the cube area.

Create Undead

level 6 necromancy
1 min cast, 10 ft, VSM black onyx per corpse

You draw upon forbidden necromantic power to animate up to 3 different corpses. The combined XP value of these corpses is 1000 XP.
At higher levels:

Subsequent castings can be used to maintain control over any number of undead, with the same XP limits.

Each undead animated (or control maintained) with this spell requires 100gp worth of black onyx per CR. If this onyx is separated from the body of the undead, it immediately falls limp and loses consciousness.

Subsequent castings can reassert control instead of creating new ones, same XP values.

A Flameskull created by this spell can be controlled as normal, but if direct control is lost,it will revert to its ‘standing orders’, typically to guard a specific location.

Eternal undead

Level 8 necromancy, 10 min, touch
VSM, blue sapphire dust, consumed

You have unlocked the secret to maintaining perfect and everlasting control over your undead servants. Up to 1000XP worth of undead become permanently linked to you and your will. Each undead requires 500gp of sapphire dust per CR.

As a level 9 spell, increase to 1500XP limit.

Necromancy Spells

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