Spell Modifications

The following are modifications to spells that already exist. The intent is to prevent spells from being abused, or to buff a bad spell so that it is more desireable.

Wall of Force

Changed to 2 round casting time


The duplicate is a construct, and so cannot be healed through resting or other normal healing effects. Healing requires 10gp and 1 minute of your time per hit point.
The simulacrum cannot make a simulacrum.

Leomund’s tiny hut

Add the text “if any object passes through the bubble while traveling quickly (such as an arrow) the spell ends. A Dispel Magic or Disintegrate spell also destroys the hut.”

What constitutes “quickly” is of course up to the DM, but anything much faster than walking out is enough. The bubble is very strong on the outside (essentially only vulnerable to dispel magic, antimagic field, or a wish), but the bubble is still vulnerable to being popped from the inside.

This is a cool spell, and can be very effective at keeping things safe. The obvious loophole is “I can’t cast spells, but i can still shoot arrows! or something else harmful!” which ruins the spell and is very clearly against the intended purpose of the spell. This seems like it could be a very interesting spell either in a dungeon adventure or with an army in siege warfare. In either case, shooting arrows out of the bubble breaks the spell. This simple addition takes care of the loophole.

-Brails Note: Asked Crawford on Twitter,he confirmed that the intent was ‘move’ to mean walking through, and that its not intended to be a bubble of death arrows. Like many things,the language used in the spell meant its literal wording strayed from intent.

Witch Bolt

When cast as a level 3 or higher spell, you can change the target of the witchbolt once per round as a bonus action.

Find Steed- Bind Ghost

Casting time 10 minutes remains.
Adjusted spell costs: Must be cast as a level 3 spell. Rather than being gifted a steed, you must obtain one and bind it yourself. This involves a process in which you expend 300g worth of ritual components and ritually sacrifice the steed, at midnight. Once this is done, the steed is bound to you and can be summoned by casting this spell again.
Find Steed base spell, adjusted to accomidate necromancy.
For a standard necromancer this spell binds something like a skeletal warhorse to them in the same fashion as Find Steed, Thaele is able to also bind the ghost of the animal in question (mechanical differences may vary from thing to thing due to ghost, but is typically thematic more than mechanical)
You can only summon one creature at a time with this, but you can change between any you have bound by recasting the spell

Spell Modifications

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